About Us

Larika Page The Collection is a women’s wear brand, fashioned to convey opulence in modern apparel. It is youthful-sophistication and impeccably constructed attire. The Collection, coins the phrase “La Belle Epoque” (French translation) for “A Beautiful Era” which encompasses the inspiration behind design work. 

Designer, Larika Page, delights herself in the ability to marry youthfulness with sophistication in her vastly detailed garments; a design aesthetic that is bridging a touch of the old world romanticisms to modern day society. Using only the finest fabrics available, The Collection offers women an aspect of couture in prêt à porter clothing. Not only rich in texture but in design concept as well. 

The Collection is designed for the woman visionary in her lifestyle. A woman who seeks to create her own lasting impressions both personally and professionally. The Collection offers trendsetting classic and investment pieces to be interchanged between the seasons by a woman who understands fashion as a statement to be seen, yet unspoken.


Larika Page is committed to becoming a part of the visionary woman’s lifestyle and fashion. Striving to create sophisticated yet youthful looks, we provide women with modern options for her wardrobe. We seek to support those women who are tuned in with their personal style in creating pieces that will make them look as confident as they feel. Larika Page takes pride in aiming to seamlessly be a part of these women’s lives in a way that supports how they want to project themselves into the world.


Above all, the Larika Page woman is a visionary who is always thinking about and planning for the future. She looks ahead with imagination and wisdom that inspire her to live her daily life with a goal in mind.

The Larika Page woman doesn’t just stop at inspiration, but she seeks a purpose in that vision. She finds reason in the motivation to strive forward and create her own path. This translates in all aspects of her life; from business to her wardrobe.

Embracing exactly who she is and wants to be, the Larika Page woman is true to herself. Being comfortable with and accepting all aspects of who she, allows her to have clarity in the things that she wants.