The New New. . .

Hey guys, its been a while! Well alot has changed in my life, starting with the new addition to our family. Our precious baby girl Sylas is now 5 months old and we are in love, were in love the first time we layed eyes on her.  What also comes with all the love is all of the new things you need to learn about a brand new baby.  Of course I've done this a couple times before, but its been 12 years since a baby was in this house and the changes are drastic!  

I won't bother getting into all of the day to day, multi-tasking, having her glued to my hip, keeping her occupied, feeding her (yes I breastfeed; only the best for our baby) all while managing a household and running two businesses. Whew, need I say its a lot? Well its a-l-o-t! ! !  I do often ask myself, what did I get myself into?  But I quickly switch brain frequency and remember that God blessed us with this beauty so I need to just make it work.  

Well back to more exciting news.  During my hard lived days with this sweetie pie, I was missing designing.  Yes I've done some here and there but I had to be totally available to baby for the first 3 months so I didn't have time to dedicate much time to work.  Well now baby girl is a bit more independent and I get a little free time (at least at night) to do what I love.  So now I'm totally obsessed with baby anything.  Baby clothes, baby decor, baby food, babies on Instagram, everything baby.  And I noticed there were some things I wanted for Sy that I could not find.  So I started designing.  The results are our new baby accessories line called l a e l.  We are excited about it and all of the possibilites.  Go check out our l a e l page on the site and read up on how we came up with the name and the inspiration for the line. 

I am definitely keeping busy and learning new and innovative ways to work with a newborn.  I have not mastered her daytime schedule yet, but her bedtime and those 8-10 hours of non-interruped sleep is stellar. lol

I'm glad to be back and I will be more disciplined about keeping up with the blog. Fingers crossed.

Also leave a comment and let us know what you think about l a e l!

Bye for now. . .


Here is one of my favorite pictures of me and my sweetie.  Enjoy!


  • Trac said:

    I love every piece!!!!

    十一月 03, 2016

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