We've made our TV debut...


Whoa...last week was such a whirlwind of emotions!  Going from working day and night in the studio to finalize designs for our SS:15 collection, to being featured on CBS Better Mornings with our Ragtrade family.  It was a crazy rollercoaster and I couldn't tell if I were coming or going!  However, even after only 2 hours of sleep, I was able to pull myself together and clean up quite beautifully (if I do say so myself) for my interview on CBS.  It was such a fun experience and although I was super nervous, the host was able pull out my personality when she asked me to model.  Those who know me, know how silly I can be.  Take a look at the the video and I hope you get a good laugh, as I did by watching my reactions!  Enjoy!!







CBS46 News



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