Coming to My Show?

So, if you've been following our blog post or via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you know that I've been raving over the Ragtrade show coming this August.  Well, mainly because I will be showing my Spring/Summer 2015 collection!  I am so honored to have the chance to show here in the A, as this will be the first traditional fashion show I have had here.  Not to mention Ragtrade is exactly what Atlanta has been missing in the fashion scene.  Without getting to detailed (because I previously wrote all about Ragtrade and what they are doing) this inaugural show is hitting the scene blazing with 5 AMAZING designers, including myself.  Anyhow, Ragtrade just announced that tickets to the show are sold on their website!!  This is great because typically designer shows are invite only and usually reserved for fashion insiders.  This gives our fans an opportunity to come and experience our collections walk the runway LIVE.  If you have never been to a live runway show, then please make this your first time.  Believe me, you will not be disappointed.  The energy you will feel during the event is unparalleled. And of course you'll be the first to see the season's fresh new designs from the hottest designers in Atlanta.  You will be hooked!! So go over to Ragtrade's site now and purchase your tickets, there are very limited seats available so don't wait until the last minute. It will be SOLD OUT and you will be sorry.
Here is a flyer with all of the information you need
Also, here is a great photo of a few of us designers and the co-chairs during our meet and greet at W Hotel Buckhead.  
Hope to see you all there, here's to bringing "the business of fashion" to Atlanta!! 

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