Have you heard about RAGTRADE Atlanta? No? Well let me tell you all about it and what the people behind it does to help Atlanta-based designers.
RAGTRADE Atlanta was created by a group of amazing industry professionals whose goal is to develop the fashion community here in the city of Atlanta. This August they plan to host their first ever upscale fashion event to display the upcoming Spring 2015 collections of many talented designers. With this showcase, RAGTRADE Atlanta aims to show that Atlanta isn't just a music capital, but a fashion capital as well. 
Some of the designers featured this year will be Edmond Newton, Anna Toth, Natt Taylor, and of course our very own Larika Page of the Larika Page Collection! We're excited to be collaborating with such a groundbreaking organization and also with fellow designers. We're even more excited to showcase the elegance, classiness, and beauty the Larika Page Collection is known for. The Spring 2015 collection will be like nothing you've ever seen before.
This event will not only get the brand out there for all whom are interested, but will also help draw attention to Atlanta and our budding fashion community. Though it's only a one day event this year, RAGTRADE plans to expand to a full week for the years to come. That's right, our very own Atlanta Fashion Week is in the works, please expect it.
Here's their website: www.ragtradeatlanta.com 
RAGTRADE Atlanta Event Details:

A little behind the scenes sneak peak, at one of the model casting calls!!


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