l a e l

As a mommy of a newborn after an 11 year space from my second child, motherhood this time around was as if I was a 1st time mom again.  We went from a family of 4 with a 15 year old and 11 year old to completely starting over with our precious baby girl Sylas Lael.  This was a whole new world for me and I've had to relearn everything about newborns.  Obviously the ever so changing baby product world was at the top of that list.  And with today's technology allowing humans to have just about anything at our disposal, there is still the problem of having a very limited selection of fashionable practical baby items.  That dilema stirred up my creative juices and l a e l was born.  Named after our dear Sylas Lael, and meaning "belonging to God" we wanted this line to fill that gap between luxury style and practicality.  Introducing our new collection of burp cloths and bibs, using baby friendly yet stylish fabrics and fun creative shapes for the practical items you can't live without.  
l a e l . . .
whimsicle luxury baby products, for the mom who wants her baby just as stylish as she!